Not feeling myself

I haven’t slept in 3 days… Going on fourth. Not hungry ether and haven’t eaten anything but a few chips and I force fruit to keep me going. Not sure why I feel this way but hopefully it goes away soon. :pensive: I’m trying to hang in here and wait for my insurance to sort out so I can go see a doctor… Been on hold since September. Wasent sure where to post this but I apologize because I just wanted to vent. Haven’t been to school or work in two weeks I feel like I’m

Lack of sleep is dangerous. Can you go to a hospital or a regular doctor? You may not be able to wait.

Hang in there young lady, try some relaxing stuff like drinking some black or chai tea​:tea:, meditating etc. Maybe some yoga or exercise will do.:grinning:

what about a helpline? i phoned a helpline recently and it made me feel a bit better but obviously you need some sleep and maybe something to eat, can’t you just say stuff the insurance and just go see someone, they may sort it all out afterwards, sounds like you need some real help, hope this helps and take care.

I took a “sleep tea” and it did nothing for me :frowning: I do excersise but since I have not eaten I haven’t because I feel dizzy when I stand and I don’t want to pass out on the machines or anything

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I went to 2 clinics nearby a while ago when I had shingles and they said they where full and could not see me blah blah… Ended up going to Mexico for treatment but I can’t be going over there for every Illness. I want to go to a doctor and then be referred to a mental help specialist or just be treated here in general so I can keep up. I just feel myself deteriorating every day. It’s not just a helpline thing it’s that I really need full on treatment / evaluation soon.

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I don’t even know what to do anymore :neutral_face: I don’t want to go to a clinic and wait all day just to be told" oh we’re full no one missed their appointment sorry maybe you can go to the clinic downtown". It’s hard enough for me to get around on the bus as is and the thought of getting up and getting ready gives me extreme anxiety I don’t know why I’ve never been this bad before in my life…

Are you sleeping at all, like during the day?

I want to go to a doctor and then be referred to a mental help specialist or just be treated here in general so I can keep up.

Have you got any family that could help you get the ball rolling on that?

No. I’m trying to force it I’ve even taken sleeping pills and I still do not sleep. I’m going to force food in a while and more tea.

That’s quite serious then. You really should go to hospital if it happens tonight.

Edit: not a clinic, but actually hospital.

Yes my dad since filing the papers has missed work so has my mom to go speak to the insurance people. At one point they even lost all our papers when switching our case worker etc etc. the whole thing is a mess they both call the worker almost daily but we still have not received anything. I desperately want to be able to visit a doctor to make sure physically I’m fine,get mental help ,get my eyes checked (I find it hard to see from the distance of my phone at this point),etc… I hope this day comes soon :confused:

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Welcome to this site @Aurora

Please seek out immediate Medical/Psychiatric help as soon as you can.


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