Not feeling myself not sure why

I don’t feel sad I just feel bleh … Like nothing feels interesting.i feel bored. I feel boring. I talk to people but I don’t feel much of anything…I’m going away but the excitements not.there.


How are you doing with your meds? Have you recently changed anything?

Even with but changing anything I feel like I go through cycles of sometimes feeling like that s lot and others it’s not as bad.

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Maybe your Tegreol is working a bit too well, which is a good thing.
I’ve been feeling lifeless and bland ever since going back on the Depakote.

You probably feel bored now because you are not experiencing mania.

Hang in there @anon80629714, I know how you feel.

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The medication.hasnt changed. But I just quit a job. Maybe it has something with it.

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I might discuss reducing the med possibly :flushed:

How many mg of Tegretol are you on?

Altogether 600mg tegretol and 10mg ability.

I was on 800mg of Tegretol.
600mg is pretty low.

But they did increase the ability a few months back. You are probably right. Must have come down from an episode or starting depression.

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Yeah I would talk it over with your doctor.
Good luck @anon80629714!

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