Not exercising worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease


Well we haven’t gone into evolution so far not to care about the body. Of course we need to move and we a created to sleep and sit for like 2 hrs a day and move for the rest of the day. Sitting down greatly affects blood flow and our energy consumption that can lead to overeating and other back or joint pains. It also depends how you smoke as well. Probably the study was compared to a person who smokes like few ciggies a day and not a whole packet…


yeah, sitting is bad.

I prefer physically active jobs.

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I’d like an exercise that is easy to do ie not physically complicated . Yes there’s walking but I’m very restricted as to how far I can walk. Longest distance is less than a 1000 steps one way. There’s walking indoors but that’s mind numbingly boring. I couldn’t cope with going to a gym class . There is swimming but I’d need someone to go with me.

The exercise bike went as I wasn’t using it. What had put me off that was the gain in weight while using it .

I’ve thought of buying a small step exerciser but am not sure how good those are

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I just can’t be bothered exercising. I am dieting to lose weight though.

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Yes, i’ve started exercising again. I ran 2.5 km this morning non-stop. Not a bad effort considering i’ve been like a slug the past couple of months. After a few days i’ll probably bump it up to 3 km as i didn’t find this distance particularly taxing. I’m lucky, there is a gym in my unit complex. I get up early to go to the gym as there is less likely to be anyone in there. I don’t really like exercising in front of people but i’m slowly getting used to it. Just got to remember they’re too busy doing their routine to worry about what i’m doing.

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some guys don’t do cardio, they just lift weights, and they burn calories that way,

but I’ve found it’s not something I can stick with, except dumbbells exercises

after running.

I wouldn’t lift weights in case I got all muscly .


You won’t just get huge muscles… it’s hard to do actually

Sorry reply was for you

Too bad I hate exercising :frowning:

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