Not enough hours in the day

I’m on a 16 hour daily schedule and it seems I don’t have enough time to do everything i’d like. I recently had to scrap golf for the sake of my gardening and yard work. I’m kinda disappointed, I was looking forward to improving my golf game to enjoyable level …

my only solution is to go to a 18 hour daily schedule, but I sleep so much I don’t think I could do it. even 8 hours a night is a reduction to the 10 hours of sleep I’m accustomed to.

not having free time is a new thing for me, in years past I would leisurely do as I pleased without much work or hobbies.

here’s what takes up my day:

like I said I wish I had a couple hours for golf, but it’s just not in the cards at the moment.


It’s good that you’re so productive. I admire your energy.

Maybe you could move things around on a weekly basis so you have an hour or so for golf every once in a while.


maybe ill find time, I wanted just an hour a day for golf practice Monday through Friday and then play a round Saturday and sunday. I have more free time during the weekends because I don’t play guitar or workout on the weekends.

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It is good to be driven. But if you are doing it just for fun and don’t expect to join any kind of circuit like the senior’s tour maybe just do it whenever you feel like it. Consider looking at it less as something to accomplish and more of an enjoyable pastime.

I was just going over my schedule again and it doesn’t look like I’m going to have any time for golf. it’s the first thing to go, luckily I haven’t spent much money on it yet.

basically I want two jobs, woodworking and growing flowers. also i’m trying to produce a hobby wine which will take up some time. I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done. I guess ill spend more time woodworking in the fall and winter, and be out tending the homestead during the spring and summer.

and futomimi, I’m the type that cant enjoy golf unless I’m reasonably good at it. I just don’t have fun if I’m not hitting good shots and making putts so it takes up quite a bit of time for me to practice.

if only I had a wife to cook and clean. on top of work I make all my meals, I hate cooking.

I can understand that. It does feel nice to do something well. I’m sorry you can’t do something you were looking forward to.

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what do u study?

independently I study horticulture, more specifically I’m trying to learn about flowers to grow commercially for the front yard. also I’m getting into viticulture and enology which is the study of grapes and winemaking for the backyard.

and I just enrolled into a program at the local community college. an associates degree in supply chain management/logistics. that’s what i’ll study when classes start this fall.

the plan is to work a job while I’m getting the homestead ready and then work full time at the homestead. I hope to keep it up and running into my dying years, assuring me income in my retirement years

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nice very interesting and sounds like u have a plan

do u live on a farm or something? how do u have room to grow so many flowers and grapes for wine?

Oh, how little you understand marriage. Reality is you’ll be doing cooking and cleaning while she golfs with her friends.


it’s not really a farm I call it a homestead, its 6 acres of tillable land including a house and barn. there are many farms around us in the area but where we live is kinda “country residential”.

anyways I’ve been reading that an acre of roses can bring $25,000- 30,000, and I got 2acres available… . I’m leaning towards roses because I’ve been told we have the perfect soil for roses

sounds like a lot of fun to grow roses and flowers… but it’s also a lot of work and planning… I guess ur in the right state of mind to make this happen…
Just don’t put all ur money into it and then not sell em hehehe

do u live alone on this homestead?

Don’t take this the wrong way. But you sound like an impressive person. I got tired merely reading about all you do in the day. Do you know what you’ll call the wine from your vineyard once you finish?

yes and no, I live in a 2 bedroom trailer I own, and my parents live across the street in their own house. we see each other every day. my plan is to grow on their available land, and inherit the house some day, or just buy it if the homestead is profitable.

I still have to put in a barn for processing. so that’s another reason why i’ll have to work a job for a few years to pay for it.

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I don’t have any idea about that yet. sorry

I see… I think it’s good that u work for a few years to earn and develop these ideas… sometimes I think too big and then my ideas don’t work out, so having a few years to think it through is some good advice…


Dude ur life would be my ideal life in 10 years, so good for u. In terms of golf, maybe just set aside a half hour to an hour and just go hit some balls at the range for awhile first? Be careful on the sleep tho bc once we get under 7 hrs it can start to lead to problems I’ve read

Sounds like worthwhile camp. I’d like to be able to tend to my interests.Do you take an anti psychotic?

I also have no time left over in a day to do all the things I want to do, like study Spanish and art history. I also sleep 10 hours a night. Here’s a list of all I do in a day:
Social Media
Clean up
Talk on phone with friend
Talk on phone with friend
Practice piano
Practice yoga
To bed

You sound pretty productive