Not enjoying pathways

I don’t know if it’s the environment or the people or both but the mental health program I joined is freaking me out

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Everytime you say pathways i think of my brain’s pathways.

The words go into my pathways and go through a serious of pathways and i have no control over my pathways.

Even now my pathways are writing about my pathways.

it takes time to settle into things…
give it a go for a while…
you are doing a great job :trophy:
take care :alien:

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I’d say you stick with it.

I felt the same off and on in therapy programs.

Ended up having some good conversations though.

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One time I was enrolled in this psychiatric day program, and I was very dissatisfied with it because they weren’t talking about things I could relate to. I had a ton of repressed emotion I wanted to talk about, but I just couldn’t manage to do that in group. I guess I should have gotten more into other people’s conversation.