Not coping

Hey I just found this place. I’ve been diagnosed for about 2 years and have been on a merry go round of medications and therapy. Nothing seems to help. This lady week I’ve been really unwell. I’ve been hearing more voices than usual, feel like I’m getting messages from God and really paranoid. I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and he changed my mess around a little bit but I’m not sleeping or eating either. I’ve been talking to my psychologist everyday just to get me through. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hang on. Try not to let yourself get out of hand. As long as you don’t do anything precipitous life will be okay. Hopefully the doctor can get you stabilized on med’s.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you get your meds sorted out sometime soon so that things can become better for you.

Welcome to the forum @struggling

Thanks everyone. I’m hoping getting my Depot every 3 weeks instead of monthly will help a bit. I’m just feeling really depressed about my situation and have no hope for the future.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here and find the answers your looking for.

Hi @struggling. I hope things look up for you soon. It can be hard to get your life back on track after being diagnosed. Hopefully the right med combo will work for you. Hang in there.

Remember they are always coming out with new meds. There might be one in the future that will work great for you. I had to try several different meds before I found a combination that worked well for me. Seroquel is good if you can’t sleep. Keep talking to your doctor and let them know what’s going on. Maybe they will have some ideas that will help. Most meds take a couple months to really start working too.

welcome to the forum…i hope you get the encouragement and answers you need