Not bragging, but I can't believe I did it

I got out of the hospital in 1983. Nine months later I got a job, I worked there from 1984 to 1988. The last year and a half I was smoking crack. AND, the last six months of my job I was living by myself in a studio apartment. I don’t know how I got anything done.

Well, I ended up getting fired after four years. I used to go to my job at might and write checks for crack money. I used to be high when I did this but they only caught me being high once. I didn’t pay rent for the last three months I lived in the studio so I got kicked out. But I told my dad at the time that I counted living on my own as a success. That was because my biggest fears was being alone and getting suicidal.

Well, I had four close “friends” that I made while I was there and I didn’t commit suicide, so to me, that was a success. But yeah, friends are great. I had company and people to do things with. After I got fired my friend got me a job at his restaurant. And I worked there two days and another friend got me an even higher paying job at his restaurant.

But I had people coming over at all hours of the night to get drunk and party. I actually didn’t want them coming over because they were only letting me get 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night before I had to be to work. But I was doing all this crap while being addicted to crack, working, and living on my own.

I have never known anybody in my life who has been addicted to drugs. Happy me. I think that all these drug addictions are waste of money, but still many people become addicted. I watched a Youtube video in this morning in which they showed the most stupid lottery winners. One person had won millions and lost all in cocaine and related life styles. What a waste.

Well no one plans to get addicted. Yes, it is a waste of time and money.

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Somehow when i read your story it sounds like a scenario by Coen brothers. Where the good guy wins.

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I guess, maybe, I triumphed over evil, lol.

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You heard for an anti-hero characters? Like, say, Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver); Alonzo Harris from Training Day or Tony Soprano…
That. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I watched Taxi Driver for my movie class. Speaking of anti-heroes, how about Doc Holiday in “Tombstone”?

Had to google on that.
Was he something like a Django, from Django Unchained?

Naw, he was more like Posh Spice in “Spice World”. Use your google skills again!

But no, Doc Holiday wasn’t as slave or a bounty hunter. He was a gunslinger though.

Anyway man, I’m sure that your story can beat his story’s ass. :))

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It’s amazing what people can do… how life for a while can be almost cut in two.

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I can’t believe how much weed I would smoke and drive around all day and never got it an accident.

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I have to admit… with as many drugs as I’ve stupidly done… and the years I drank away… I’m pretty surprised I’m still here… and have relatively good physical health.