Not blowing you off just had to step away

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weird didn’t expect it to format like this

I know, Tomasina!..

Don’t sweat it! I was just having a bit of fun at my own expense. You’re lovely to chat with. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the conversation, Patrick. You’re great to have on board!

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Hope you’re feeling better soon. We all get ‘the blues’ from time to time. Try to engage yourself in a creative pursuit…to take your mind off of the negativity. I find I feel better about myself when I finish a task.

Good advice 151515151515151515

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Is Tomasina a Japanese name? It sounds that way to me…

enjoyed the video - he has a good voice. In my case Tomasina is eastern european. Love Japanese culture though.

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I totally understand what you’re going through Tomasina. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I turned eighteen. I was majorly depressed so I wasn’t really “aware” of anything but I still felt very lonely and left out. I can’t imagine how you feel.

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thank you for caring thats special to me

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peace to you 15151515151