Not belonging in a social situation

Some people are so insensitive about what comes out of their mouth that I want to give them isolation. They don’t even notice the headache of their conversation. Numbskulls. I’m referring to both of my parents who didn’t deserve my company.

I have a joke about introverts.

A person had been walking 2km in the winter morning without seeing anybody, and then another person walked to him and both were so introverts and they did not say even hello to each other, but continued walking alone in different directions.

This actually happened, so it was not a good joke.

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It’s pretty sad :cry: for a joke :upside_down_face:

I can’t risk needing people.

I can’t either, but I still need them.

I’m sorry that they hurt you. It’s hard when people you love don’t act with love. But most often it due to their stress and life. It’s hard to act with the best intentions all the time - but the world would be paradise if it was so.

I would bet that their bad behavior had less to do with you and more to do with something else that was hurting them and you were a safe person to vent on. I doesn’t make it right, (at all) but it makes it less personal and hopefully less painful.

It sucks to hurt, and maybe tomorrow you can let them know in a non aggressive way( after you have managed your pain) that you wished that they wouldn’t say what they did because it hurts.

Oddly enough I went through something of the same subject too today.

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