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Not been well today


Very up and down…can’t stay balanced. After all of this balance I had over the last few weeks…GONE. I freaked out an hour ago and cried because i’m so lonely. I feel disorganized.


I’m sorry your not feeling well. I hope you start feeling better soon. :sunflower::blossom::tulip:


I’m sorry you’re having a bad day! Just know there are people here for you!


Did something happen to make you feel this way? What ruined your mood. A good workout might cure a small imbalance. A hot bath and some good music or uplifting movie might make you feel less lonely. Then when you get back on your feet again, continue making progress.


Don’t be lonely, we’re here for you. Just come on and tell us it’s time to be a friend.
Hope you feel better soon.


Hope you will feel better soon.

Take extra good care of yourself.

Wishing you good and that not so lonely anymore.



When I feel scattered and disorganised I talk yo myself out loud take one step at a time and even write a to do list and try to chill.


That’s too bad. You seem like a likable guy.


Sorry it’s hard at first.

I’ve been there and done that.

I can say that my life went like this:

  1. Wondering away, friend/family in other states.

  2. Became scz.

  3. Became homeless.

  4. Went to college, joined ball leagues, began highly athletic risk management businesses, and I assume that success at this would re-establish link with the family which would help settle the scz problems significantly.

  5. Family disowns me, and I had dreams of reuniting proudly with my business destroyed. I could never trust them again the rest of my life, and I knew it.

  6. Changed business occupation to an at home based one with more financial upside than anything else.

  7. All those years I was working 80-100 hours a week trying to get ahead as fast as possible both for my future and running from a life of scz that may never stop if I don’t achieve things while I’m still young.

  8. Finally I’m doing well, and I try to contact old school friends and such, but none reply. Family bridges are burnt. My girlfriend of 5 years breaks up. Only friend in the state I’m in burns bridge, and I’m stuck with scz and 100% nobody except my self taught career.

  9. I can tell you it is like being beaten hard with something called “life.” It’s unbearable and frightening. The only thing I had all these years to hold onto have been my business careers.

So figure what is possible about that. On one hand I could have had the same old boring family and same old boring friends, or I could have whole new life that they could never dream is possible for them finding all the new people I could ever want, and learning all kinds of things I would have never known if it were not for being driven by scz.

It’s kind of like I set sail for “the new world” when I was young, was tossed around by a storm, stranded on an island that was burning and sinking at the same time, and I couldn’t possibly go back. It was all of the way or nothing, but I didn’t have a ship to ride in. I had to swim it.

As crazy as that sounds that is what I did. Well, you gotta figure that after swimming your damn best all of those years that you can do things that surprise even yourself. That bodes well for you when you reach land, right? Not just another hum drum pear basket that washed into port on the last routine drop off from the parent world. Nope, a genuine castaway stray that had it out with pirates, fought morbid hell bender storms, and wound up in the top class of society knowing alllllll kinds of stuff.

Not a chance anyone would ever work to achieve all of that like that in such few years unless they were BURNING. It’s just not possible. And scz burns.

I looked at it like this starting back when my head was still spinning. There’s no one on this side of the wall for me, and there’s no use going back. But deep under the water is the bottom of the wall, and if I swim way deep down there, and I come up on the other side, there’s a secret world that no one on this side of the wall ever knew how to get to.

So either I’m absolutely lonely 100% forcing me to dive to those extreme depths that only lonely people can achieve, or I got my family, friends, and a cozy buffoon all fluffy with rosy cheeks snuggled in the rest of my life.

Everyone else is and was doing the latter one. I was doing the former one.

So now I’m set for life.

I hope you take something from this. :slight_smile:


It’s only temporary. You had a good few weeks you said. This is just a blip. Hang in there.


Sorry you’re feeling lonely. Maybe a movie and some comfort food would help.


I come here when i get lonely. It helps. Sorry you are having tough times. Some days are just that way. We’ve all got to just keep going and wait for better days.


Hang in there Spaceman Invader.
This shall pass.


You shall not pass!!! Hahahaaaa lord of the rings. Doing even better today.


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