Not as alike as I thought

Feeling a little weird.
Went to see a movie my mother that was so beautiful it brought me to tears, but for her she only saw the political factors. She tells me all my life that I am very much like her and that she can relate to me the most out of my sisters, but I feel we took something different from the movie.
I had already seen the movie so I was really looking forward to her reaction.
Ah well, different generations. She’s seen a lot more beauty in her time than I have.

i wouldn’t worry about it to much. SZ people can be extremely sensitive at times, BP people can be the most volatile and vulnerable. Put it all together in SZA it’s a right mess. Add the fact your starting to talk more in detail in therapy. So random emotions can come up and can be extremely confusing. Sometimes all you can put it down to is just going through the motions.


No two people will react exactly the same to a stimuli - for example, watched a comedy with my partner recently and even though we have the same humour, he was laughing hysterically throughout 80% of the film whereas I managed a few smiles here and there. Meanwhile, Titanic makes me cry like a baby whereas most of my friends find it cheesy and lame.