Not always the odd man out

Well…hmmm…I skipped 8th grade. I went from 7th grade straight into high school. I was 13. In P.E. (physical education) I was smaller and weaker than the majority of my classmate’s. If you remember back to high school, one year can make a big difference both physically and socially in your development. As an adult, age doesn’t make as much of a difference. When you are an adult you can be friends and get along with people much older or younger than you.

But when I was 13 in high school, everybody else was 14 and since I was painfully shy, I was behind everybody else physically and socially, (and probably mentally too). When I was a freshman in P.E. I was picked last in virtually every sport we had to play. It was overwhelmingly humiliating.

BUT…as I made my way through high school in P.E. I got better and certain coaches got to know me and liked me and I got bigger and stronger and by the time I was a senior in P.E. the coaches would pick me to be captain in certain sports like football or baseball. so it was ME picking the teams. I’m rather proud of that because believe me, nothing came easy for me in high school. Except maybe rolling joints to sell at lunch, lol.


I wonder how it would’ve been had I skipped a grade. My parents said they had the opportunity to do so but turned it down. I was never any good at sports though.

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Skipping 8th grade was one of my biggiist regrets. I was just wholly not prepared for high school at that age.

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