Not able to take prozac above 20mg?

My dx is psychosis and ocd/panic.

When i take 40mg prozac, i become psychotic and paranoid.

Does anyone know why this is happening ? Right now im on 20mg and dont have psychosis. Is there a way to fix it ?

My current meds are:

clozapine 275mg at night
paroxetine 25mg in evening
fluoxetine 20mg in morning
clobazam 20mg at night

why would you take 40mg if you are only rx’d 20mg?

Just curious. When you are psychotic on Prozac do you hear voices?

Cuz on 20 mg prozac I was still anxious

I never heard voices in my life. Even when I was hospitalized few years ago, my primary symptom was just paranoid.

Hey clinic sup…??? What are u upto…???

Update : I have further reduced prozac to 10mg, i still was paranoid on 20mg.

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I would like to notify everyone that I have stopped prozac yesterday completely.Even 10mg was giving me paranoia.

I will now be taking just one SSRI -pexep 37.5mg after 1 week. On 50mg paroxetine I become restless. Does anyone know how to fix restlessness ?

I have tried all SSRI except fluvoxamine and citalopram(have tried escitalopram though)

I still have anxiety on paroxetine though