Not a good day

Not a good day. High anxiety. Feeling of dread. Feel muddle headed like I can’t organise my thoughts.


Are you on medication? Rest maybe?

How has your sleep been?

i understand…I feel stressed and anxious too…t

On Consta. 15 characters

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I’m on risperidone consta too. I gives me major panic attacks and anxiety. I take small doses of abilify and they go away, thankfully.

Usually ok but last night wasn’t. Was awake thinking about Christmas food shopping and going back and forth in my head as to whether to buy a chest freezer.

Have been completely thrown this year. Previously did big online shop for Xmas and stocked chest freezer with Christmassy bits. However now no chest freezer. I just can’t get my head around doing a Christmas shop in store.

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It’s horrible. 15 char

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I tend to feel off when I can’t sleep, as well. It’s mindblowing what a night of not sleeping well can do to someone’s mind and body.

Do you drink relaxation teas? Maybe that will help calm some nerves. Unfortunately I was woken up and it’s 3am here. Hoping I could get back to sleep that’s why I came on here. Wishing you the best!

I tried camomile tea once. I didn’t like it. I hope you can get back to sleep.

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It’s got a funny smell and taste. I did find that it relaxed me, though but I am aware that what worked for me may not work for everyone else. And teas don’t always work especially if the anxiety is really bad.

I’m starting to get a little more relaxed. I was a little angry because I woke up but coming on here helps and laughing at the TV show I’m watching helps relax me as well.

Do you take walks?

Not just for walking’s sake. I dont go out unless accompanied by my stepdaughter or granddaughters . I have this real phobia about going out on my own in case I get lost and trapped and can’t find my way home.

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Man Xmas has a lot to answer for. It is a very stressful time for many. Hope your day gets better @firemonkey


Stepdaughter has phoned. She says shops are heaving with people. We’ll make a shopping list and she’ll get stuff for me.


Hugs firemonkey. :cry:

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Hope it gets better firemonkey,
I’ve had some lows as well.

Stepdaughter has been really good. She says I’m probably panicking because no one has been round for a few days. She does her best for me but also has to work. Her boss gets her ounce of flesh out of her.


Good to read that you got help with the groceries shopping.

Many supermarkets now adays have a system where you shop and pay online and they drive the groceries to your home.

Maybe that could be a option too.

Hope you will feel better soon.

Can you or someone else you trust talk you through it?

I try doting on myself with words when I alike that or similar.

When I have high anxiety I can’t think clearly.

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