Not a danger, but hallucinating

I’m trying to avoid calling the crisis line.we have a call with ANY problem mi based… I’m NOT suicidal. What I’m experiencing is not new for me, either. I’m having auditory and visual hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. It’s NOT as bad as before. I’ve got a pdoc appt on Monday.

What do I want or need? That this happens to you, here, and you get through it. Pm if need be.


I would take my meds and go to bed. I have gone to bed as early as 430 pm and still slept all night.

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Oh man, hope you start feeling better soon @JustTrish!

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Yeah, its a roller coaster and youve got the weekend ahead of you. Honestly, so long as you are not homi/suicidal, you should be okay.

What do you enjoy thst is a good destressor or distraction?


Are you off this weekend to where you csn just relax at the house?

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I’ve done that before. I guess I’m testing the water, so to speak. I think I’ll medicate at 7pm. How does that sound?

Thanks so much

Thanks, Wave. I’m trying to navigate. It’s foggy lolol

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I’m on ssdi for almost 16 years. I smoke to distract myself… shoot, I had a nicotine patch on, forgot, and smoked. It hasn’t been the best day lol

I have lots to get done at home this weekend, but will be satisfied with showering and doing laundry.

Thanks for the chat. Like your SN lol

That sounds good. That’s what I love about Lunesta. I don’t ever have to make it days or weeks or whatever. I generally wait for it to get dark but any time after dinner is good enough to go to bed.

Lunesta will even put me to sleep psychotic and suicidal. I have spent many days just waiting for it to get dark.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

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Thanks, I hope tomorrow is better, too.appreciate it. I have chronic insomnia. I’ve tried every sleep aid. Seroquel and thorazine do it, but I can’t take them. Seroquel doubled my weight, and I can’t afford thorazine.

Sometimes, I skip supper, take my night meds, and can sleep. I’m being extra careful not to skip meals recently.

I feel like I’m trying to hum a tune and only the words… the melody escapes me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you on a med that’s affected by decreasing / increasing smoking? There’s a few meds that are affected by this.

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I told all of my docs my plans, quitting, smoking, etc… they said do the best you can at quitting. You have copd…

I can see why many in my family have turned to substances. I do it with smoking.

Thanks for the holler back. It means a lot to me.

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Only advice I can give is to take a benzo, Depakote or Haldol if you’re prescribed them.

Hope you feel better @JustTrish


I’ve taken 2 prn haldol today. I’m going to take my night meds at 7pm.I’m forcing myself to sit outside. I guess I’m trying to enjoy the sunset lol


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I think you should try to distract yourself, watch a movie or something that helps. Just an idea. But if it gets too bad to the point where you are about to have a mental breakdown, yes call the crisis line. But if you are just having symptoms of Schizophrenia and it is something you are familiar with then I think you just need to unwind and relax, everything will be okay. I know your mind isn’t somewhere logical but try to ground yourself with reality,Wish you luck.


It’s my sza. I am on new non psych meds. I asked if they would interact. I was told no. My pdoc used to be my np,gp. She’s straight with me. A friend is dropping a frozen icee off to me. I’m supposedly enjoying the sunset lol

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That is good you are aware that it is. Oh really? How is it making you feel so far? That is good. I’m glad you are enjoying it I’m over here watching T.V LOL

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I’m smoking a cig. Everything gets so crystal clear. It’s too much stimuli. I hear every cricket… mixed in is an airplane, car horns, and whispering… whispers are my voices, and they’re scary.

If my mom were alive, she’d say I’ll get through it. I always do.

She’s not, but she’d be right. I’ll get through it. Thanks for the chat.


@TomCat @Wave @ImaTeaRex @anon97970229 @everhopeful @Mr.Dre

I made someone smile. Over and over. People smiled. Just from someone being nice. I wouldn’t trade this day in. It ended perfectly. :hugs: :blush:


I hope you feel better soon and remember we’re all hear for you.

Thanks Twia. I’ll probably look back and see this thread … thinking … inconsistency lolol