Not a confident person but I had made changes to continue improvement

I live with my family,my parent.I am never a confident person,I hope I can get a GF,and get married and live life with someone I love and someone who love me too.I am not sure if I can get into a relationship because everytime I am interested in a girl where I have got chance,there are reasons where I stopped myself from advancing.Sexual Side effect of meds is one big issue of why I still have not had any sexual experience.I really wished this can change

Something positive I want to share.Since I was diagnosed with Mental illness(schizophrenia but i believe I had more of depression and social anxiety) 5 years ago I had made a big improvement on my lifestyle and I think I had got a big chance I would get better.
I used to play Computer game and watch porn on a daily basis for 24 years of my life I had already cut off these two bad habits for 6 months and I am confident I can continue.I had also been on a sugar free diet,which I think I can be healthier,mentally and physically,Thanks for listening!


Good post Gtx. Don’t give up. The right girl will come along. I know what you mean about blowing chances with girls. I’ve done it many times. I can’t count how many “sure things” I’ve had but then screwed it up for some reason. I haven’t given up either.

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Congrats, you’re a hero in my book single or not. One of the more pleasant posters on this board. A girl will come when you least expect it. Gluck

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@77nick77 yea I am not giving up,hope we both get lucky soon

@turningthepage thank you for appreciating what I posted and also thanks for wishing me luck!

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gtx good wishes from my side also…

One piece of advice I could give is to just be yourself. If your quiet by nature just be more of the silent type. If your loud be loud. If your in the middle then be that. If your both be both.
And don’t be afraid to look or feel silly or afraid to fail. Make mistakes have fun even if it’s a little scary.

You can do it gtx :blush: