Nostalgia about the past

Anyone miss the last decade. 2000-2010 decade. Anyone nostalgic?


I know the 20s will be better but 2010 through 2020 is a shitty decade in my opinion

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2000-2010 was the worst decade of my life. I don’t miss it.

2010 January was right when things really started to get bad for me

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2000-2010 wasn’t great either

1990-2000 was good

Each decade is a markedly different time period of my life

good and bad

but no I wouldn’t want to go back

I do miss the rockers who have passed away
Tom Petty, David Bowie, Prince and Michael Jackson

My worst years 2009-2014

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Most of my nostalgia now is about people who’ve died or moved away.

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Have you been watching the 2000s Sunday nights on CNN? Super nostalgic. I think its almost over but you might be able to find it online, who knows?


The good old days are now.


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