North Caronlina's 'Bathroom Bill' allows discrimination based on mental illness

Not to be political, that is not my point here, but my boss asked me if I was willing to travel to NC for a business things with him, it would be a great experience, teaching me how to run a business.

But someone mentioned to me that the ‘bathroom bill’ has wording that makes it possible for anyone to discriminate for any reason.

I read through the quote they gave me, and read a few news articles about it, and it seems to be true that as long as someone has a ’ religious conviction’ against something they can discriminate against it.

Apparently it happened to a veteran who tried to eat at a restaurant in Charlotte, he entered with his service dog (protected under the ADA) and was asked what his dog was for (against the law according to ADA) he felt no shame in saying he suffered PTSD, as a result of being blown up, shot at, and even stabbed by a child, they refused him service on the basis that ‘PTSD is a fake illness made up by soldiers who don’t want to work real jobs’ And cited it as a religious belief.

He is currently in a federal court suing because State level courts wont even touch the case stating the bathroom bill is a law and they cannot violate state law.

While the solution is easy for me, I just I don’t tell anyone I have SZ, but what if the maid cleaning the hotel room finds my meds? What if she tells the hotel management and they kick me out based on my SZ being “Fake”?

This is a real concern for me because I want to go on this trip, it’ll be my first trip out of New England since I went to BCT in 2012…

I felt this was important so thought id ask all you about it…

I’m of the opinion that people should be allowed the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, religion or otherwise. Yeah, some racists and other nasty folk may take advantage of this, but I’m betting they’re outnumbered.

Go! It sounds like a great opportunity :blush: A maid at a hotel won’t (not the honest ones) look through your stuff. If you’re concerned, keep your meds in a toiletry bag and in your suitcase. It’s ok to be discreet and to protect yourself in hostile situations, but definitely not ok to let anyone hold you back! I hope it’s a great trip!


I think being refused service because you have previously been antisocial or troublesome is one thing. However in a civilised society discriminating on religious grounds is completely wrong. Anyone doing it deserves as much ■■■■ thrown at them as possible.

I have no issue with being denied service, but being denied solely because I take a certain medication? that’s not right. I mean our company refuses services all the time, based on customer record, we have had somepeople hire us after getting someone else to do work for them then claiming they shouldn’t have to pay because they were not satisfied (happens more than you would think to contractors We’ve even had people try to convince us to do the work first and have them pay after, sorry half up front, half upon completion)

I wouldn’t be too sure of that in the outlying areas of the southern US.

Would Jesus refuse someone service because they had PTSD? Would he ■■■■

just curious based on your comment, are you for little regulation(state) of the market?

Idunno I don’t like extremes, I think they are lazy and cowardly. There’s a difference between asking a Catholic doctor to perform an abortion, and asking a restaurant to serve a man with PTSD. Sure it could be a complicated, drawn-out debate that could result in quite the headache, but life isn’t black and white and that’s just how it is.

Some maid at a hotel isn’t going to know what your medication is for. Most people don’t know what antipsychotics are. Don’t let paranoia hold you back.

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