Normies and their craziness

I live in an apartment and over the road from me is a normie couple, and the guy has taken a dislike to me. Why? that’s another thread, but anyway he’s taken a dislike to me.

And this guy seems kinda crazy to me, what he does, it’s really weird and far out.

Every day, and every day without fail, he watches for when I turn my lights on, and then he responds by closing his curtains. As if to say, I don’t want weirdos looking into my house.

He’s been doing this not once or twice, or for a week, but for several years.

I mean, he sits in his house when it’s getting dark, and knows I will switch on my lights to make some cigs, and he’s waiting for me every day to do that, so he can shut his curtains in response to ■■■■ me off.

The guy is a normie but still a ■■■■■■■ nutter.

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