Normality and Health

So there is a famous quote about reasonable/ rational that those who are adjust to the world and those who are not, want the world to adjust to them. I think about this quote because it is logically incorrect to perform an ad populum (appeal to majority) and considered irrational. But there is something else going on there that relates to health and my personal experience with MI. Throughout life I was confronted with situations where I was in disagreement with the status quo, or the dominant viewpoint etc. and was distressed and negatively affected emotionally and others who were experiencing the same thing were not affected at all.

The most relatable experiences were in university where the lecturer would make a statement as fact, established by some consensus or approved method etc. and I would be in disagreement, and wanting to refute it, while others would just be writing away, taking notes happily. In this case most people accept the reality of the situation and are focused on just passing the course. However, due to a kind of irrationality I would be affronted.

I came to think of normalcy as a state of rational behavior where people remain in a healthy state, and the opposite being the state I was in which is distressing and unhealthy possibly leading to anger and hostile or aggressive behavior. At the time I was reading certain authors that justified a belief that people in a situation they are maladjusted towards, especially university, would have negative effects towards their mental and physical health which would be in a way disabling. Such a maladjusted person would not be able to cope and would not perform well academically, so in a way it would be a natural defense of established norms.

Well, of course I applied that theory to my endless searching for the cause of my sz, and likely convinced myself of it to an extent. But in reappraisal of this notion I can see how healthy people will behave rationally even in the face of agitating and antagonizing ideas, and will, as I observed in class, adjust to the situation well and write away happily unaffected. There will be a minority of people, such as myself, who are prone to agitation and maladjustment to reality or whatever who will suffer in these situations.

So much for a social control theory on mental health / illness.

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