Normal people with there normal trubbles

I was asked to take a so call friends car and pickup his friend and take this person to work at wall mart, think about it, I got to thinking dose this friend have ins on his car, I had heard that his birth day was up a month ago and he had never renewed his drives card. so I call the card that was in the car cuss the date was old , and they could not tell me he did or didn’t so I ask his friend to call him. he said yes, so I did drive him to work. later that day I pickup the mail and toke it over to my so call friends house only to discover his letter say he had not paid his ins. this pee me off. people are no good to mental ill people when they have normal trubbles.

at least you got out, right? but i agree. it’s impossible to get too close, emotionally, with people without large problems. when people complain though, they generally pick trivial things, I suspect, because complaining about one thing provides much the same outlet as complaining about what’s really bothering them, which they don’t want to bore people with.