Normal people have real psychiatric problems

believe me you’ve seen it. put up signs, thinking someone going to not do it.

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I think alot of them might just be below the threshold for diagnosis, or their issues are so unique and atypical that they have no diagnosis for them.

Some people go into a funk every once in a while, others switch over to mania and are diagnosed some type of bipolar. Yet others suffer from symptoms which are not easily put into a box, they are disruptive to the functions of daily life, but they cannot be put in a box…

Delusions and paranoia occur in people without schizophrenia diagnosis who will never be diagnosed with mental illness. As for negative sx, these rarely occur outside sz. Congitive symptoms like dysexecutive syndrome were first recognized in conditions like alzheimers dementia.

I think normal people are pretty well functioning. They don’t have psychiatric problems. Some of them are jackasses though.

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