Normal Life?

I have a major theme to my delusions. (I wouldn’t even have admitted it’s all delusional until my Haldol got significantly increased recently and then I had a bit of a crash landing.)

But, I’m noticing the pros and cons to those beliefs (for reference I had life-long grandiose ones):

Pros: gave me a sense of purpose

Cons: made me suicidal very frequently

Aside from almost killing me several times and landing me in the hospital so many times I’ve lost count, the sense of purpose those beliefs gave me can’t really be replicated and I am left with a low-grade depression about life. I can make everyday choices and it really doesn’t matter. Is that what normal life is?

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Normal life is boring compared to the grandiose ideas of psychosis. They also give me purpose


i know what you mean, I think you should just seek out things that make you happy. Do things you enjoy. Find a way just to enjoy life, cause that what normal people do, just enjoy life. They dont have deep thoughts about the any beliefs. Besides religious people most people dont hold such wacky beliefs. Its the belief that leads to the delusion…

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I hope I’m not being rude in asking, but could you tell us a bit more about the nature of your grandiose beliefs?

Was it a sense of Fame? Or being someone else? Or something completely different all together?

Glad to hear you have your feet on the ground now

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More on the religious side, mother Mary type. Do something that will save the world.

I’m not even a Christian though, but I couldn’t (can’t) shake these thoughts.

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@rocket for what it’s worth, that is a beautiful and Noble delusion. I had something similar after I broke my neck. I saw myself standing in Afghanistan, Naked in the middle of the desert raising my hands to stop the two opposing forces from fighting. I felt like I could save the world.

The crash was inevitable, but that image has stayed with me

We have a tendency to only remember the good things about our delusions or psychosis.

You said that they (the delusions) had you trying to kill yourself, so good riddance to them.

As for normal life, it’s not so bad once you get used to it.


on the other hand, don’t stop thinking that one person

can change the world, cuz millions are just waiting for it,
and sometimes it takes someone just crazy enough to do it.


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