Normal flu kills more than coronavirus

Most people don’t die from coronavirus.
Why all this panic?


That isn’t true. It’s twice as bad statistically but it has a quick spread. It can spread exponentially so that means it can double in a week or what time period you use. It’s serious for sure. We don’t have enough ventilators in most countries for a big break out.

In America you have 100, 000 icu beds for a pop of 327 million. If you get 1% of people serious enough you’ve overwhelmed your health assets.

It’s a reason they are so serious about this. It really is a game changer.


This is a serious disease and should be taken seriously!

This is what professors said.
That every year more people die from normal flu

Om stop misinforming people. It is more deadly than seasonal flu. seasonal flu kills 0.1% of people who get it, while covid has killed 5% of reported cases. They’re a bit unsure about how many cases have gone unrecorded but it is about 2 or 3%. On top of that, no one has immunity. We went from 200 cases to 1 million in 6 weeks. It will spread around the world fast just like the Spanish flu did and has the potential to kill millions of people.

How long ago did he say that, and was it a thing about how many people it has killed so far not how many people it will kill after 2 years?

But large numbers of people are starting to and it’s getting worse. The disease hasn’t run it’s course. More people get the virus every day and more people die every day and no one knows when it will end. That’s what scares people.

Because estimates of how many people will end up dying keep going up. A month or two ago 100 people had died in the United States total over the period of a month. I was leaving work Monday and stopped to watch a TV in the breakroom and saw that 900 people had died in one day in the U.S…

Guys this is what I heard from professors of universities on TV. I even saw the numbers.
If it’s wrong or misinformation, please mods delete it

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People die because they have heart disease or lung disease or pneumonia etc or because they are too old. Rarely young people die

@Om_Sadasiva you are being a jerk…don’t downplay this virus…it’s killing people left and right and you should be ashamed to spread complacence about it.


COVID-19 is a very serious disease and it can cause respiratory illness such as pneumonia.
I think the COVID-19 has higher death rates than the seasonal flu.

Though the death rate for COVID-19 is unclear, most research suggests it is higher than that of the seasonal flu.

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Statistics speak for themeselves, 80% recovered, 20% died, young ppl are dying too and its getting worse:

I believe you, @Om_Sadasiva.

Sorry, Om_Sadasiva, but the risk of permanent lung damage sounds like an awful deal.

I think the panic is cos its a new disease, that is very infectious, and the fact that its new means we don’t yet know how to treat it and wat it might mutate into.

But tbh I’m also quite amazed at the measures taken. They are very serious measures.
I mean people die from obesity all the time why don’t they stop selling junk food. Isn’t it the same?

Well, they have a vaccine for flu, not for this.

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