Nootropics, herbal alternatives to AD's (Kanna - sceletium tortuosum)

Recently I have dived into the world of supplements. Until now I thought it was mostly a waste of money. Here are my results until now:

Mucuna pruriens - a natural bean that increases dopamine:
Effect: I had more energy when I used it but also a lot of aggression and irritation. I should have given it some more time to work.

Effect: nothing more than a good alternative to coffee, but I think I have to give it more time to work.

Kanna (sceletium tortuosum): A herb from south africa that increases serotonin and has a monoamine, releasing activity besides being a cannabinoid agonist.
Effect: I don’t know if it’s a supplement or a drug. But I get a kick out of it that lasts for two hours, happy, energetic and very alert. I really like it and will continue to take it, but NOT daily.

Besides that i use magnesium and Vitamin B, but I don’t regard them as supplements but part of my medicine.

I don’t know if this thread violates the rules of the forum or not, if it does, let me know, and i will close it.


I am not sure you want to raise dopamine. I take a dopamine antagonist. I take TMG and am splashing cold water on my face for anxiety. Good luck.


Thanks. Yes, it can seem strange to take a dopamine agonist when you have sz. My last antidepressant, Marplan, was a potent dopamine agonist (MAO-I), and i have never had so many hospitalizations while i was on that drug, so i skipped Mucuna Pruriens as a supplement. But i had to try it, because i miss some of the effect i had on MAO-i

Now i only use Kanna in the evening to get a calm, buzzy feeling (like others use Kratom)