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@Iris_Crypts i am male and suffer from high libido represented as sexual thoughts and fantasies
also uncomfortable and aroused sensation in gentile. is there a safe and effective drug for this? i am afraid using ssri as i dont want to miss with my brain chemical also i am afraid from using finasteride as i am afraid from side effects and i dont want to miss with my hormones. any advice?

Definitely speak to your doctor about this. I would generally have no much of a clue. Not sure what kind of thoughts you are experiencing. Have you expressed these to your clinical team. Without having absolutely any details. It is possible that in a different cultural and religious context that these thoughts are normal human responses.

That said hypersexuality is in scz is probably dopamine and is probably going to be common with mania and elements of elevated mood. Taking more antipsychotic could work.

Most people want to boost libido so it’s a bit left of field to say what would work. I know these medications would exist but I have never read papers on them.

What I can tell you is that because these systems are controlled by response neurotransmitters and hormones that you are going to have a hard time producing and effect with modifying these systems in anyway.

Basically I would think these treatments would increase serotonin, reduce dopamine. Reduce testosterone and increase estrogen & prolactin.

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