Noone wants to talk to me

i have noticed that if i do not initiate conversation then i wont be able to talk to anyone and also no one will initiate conversation with me unless they need something which is rare because i dont have much that people need.

what are some things you guys do to compromise this issue with people not wanting to talk to you?

it feels different when i initiate convo with someone and they will only reply and not talk back or elaborate on how they are doing meaning that i have to pry and ask every little detail because nobody will open up to me.


Are you normally pretty reserved? I find that my family initiates lest conversations with me than before because they know I’m pretty reserved and have anxiety and what not. So in a way they are just respecting that maybe I don’t want to talk that much. It could be as simple as that.

i can understand that yea, i guess i wasnt looking it at that way. i do remember one person telling someone else i had just met that i dont like people a few years ago or less. but i am a homebody and dont get out much. i guess since people know i dont like dealing with people they just leave me alone. but on the other hand to that there are times that i need social interaction even at a minimum since i am a human being


i have social anxiety…i fnd social situations difficult…i likr you try to open conversations with talk about sport or holidays…it sometimes jacks up the conversation…

id be interested to hear what others do to initiate converastion…by the way thanks for starting this thread!! I MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING

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@karl usually i think for the most part that when i start a question it is usually with a question as like i said noone wants to open up to me and elaborate about anything so i always have to pry and grind people to just reply to me. so i use lots of questions


I joined National Alliance on Mental illness (NAMI) when I needed to talk with people I could relate to. It’s free… haven’t been there in a while, but that group was very helpful.

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