None of the pharmacies in my area will fill

Sleep meds like Ambien or Lunesta for my husband. He’s never taken it wrong. Is it nation wide or are they picking on him personally

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That sounds bizarre. Did they give a reason?

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Oh no!! I had that happen to me once.

Would over the counter sleeping pill work in the meantime?

Sometimes some places run low on meds. They actually ran out of a lifesaving med I was on, so they gave me a substitute.

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No they didn’t. And he’s never taken extra or anything. He needs it because his chronic pain is severe and he can’t sleep through it

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He already takes melatonin and benedryl in addition to his sleep med because his pain is so severe he can’t sleep through it without all that. This sucks

What a bunch of ass-holes. I’d sue them!

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I know…I’ve been there. I’m in pain right now unfortunately. Pain really sucks.

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They wouldn’t fill your sleep meds @laetitia? I’m sorry you’re in so much pain

No, they wouldn’t fill one of my lifesaving prescribed vitamin. They gave me an alternative and I had very bad nausea. It sucked.

It’s ok. I hope your morning is kinder to you :two_hearts:

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I’m sorry to hear that. Is it resolved now?

Yes, I found my old meds so I’m taking those.

Sometimes over the counter ones would do as well.

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What happens when you run out? Can your dr help you get what you need? I hope you can get your special vitamin eventually

Demand to find out the reason.
Contact his doctor and speak to the pharmacists involved.
My mail order pharmacy is always playing games. @ZmaGal


Did the prescription run out? Does he need to get a refill prescription from the doc?

No. The dr just sent him the script to the pharmacy. That’s the prescription no one will fill

Good idea @Wave

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Trazadone and vistiril helped me sleep in the hospital also zzquil is helpful

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Trazadone makes my husband super groggy all the next day. Zzquil is just Benedryl which he already takes. He could try substituting visteril for Benedryl. I did suggest that to him. Unfortunately, with his pain even with visteril he’ll most likely need a prescription sleep aid

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Trazodone didn’t work on me at all. At low doses like 25-50mg it had no effect, the highest I went was 125mg and that had no effect either but made my lips and eyelids twitch.


I tried Bendryl but developed a tolerance to it very quickly, like a few days. The last time I took it I took 175mg and didn’t sleep at all.

I believe the strongest sleep med on the market (Over the counter) is Unisom (Make sure it is the one with Doxylamine Succinate as the main ingredient). You can buy it on Amazon. It’s a a first generation sedating antihistamine like Benadryl but longer lasting and stronger, maybe something to look into…

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