None of our lives are real

Its all one big metaphor.
Thats why we cant grasp a firm hold on reality.
Life is for an altered you, not the real you.
And nothing is safe to do, that is a fact and i challenge u to prove otherwise, but i wouldnt waste ur time. Rant over

And i am on a sattelite of another moon of a different planet.


Are you feeling depersonalization by chance, the feeling that your thoughts and feelings don’t belong to you?


Some things are safe

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I’m sorry. I went on a trip and forgot my meds. This is the type of stuff i start thinking when i go crazy. I am back and back on my meds and feel better.

Kind of an obnoxious post that i regret now.

And i never think my thoughts dont belong to me. I am kind of in a dissociated state, some derealization too, thats thanks to anhedonia that i wanna be out of touch with reality.

@Noise, nothing really designates ur choices as safe, u just think things are safer but in reality u never truley feel safe. I dont wanna argue tho cuz theres no point and its a complicated thought that i dont know the ‘why’ part fully. I just believe its true, cant explain it well in words either.

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