Non smoker,what do you think of vaping vs smoking

Do you think it’s similar to you all, or there is actually difference in any sense?

Nothing can beat the real thing :slight_smile:

If your to stop smoking/vaping,do you agree that vaping is easier to stop?

I doubt either is easier than the other as it’s still nicotine.

That said my aunt went to a vaping shop, and she lowered the amount of nicotine in the fluid until zero and she quit!

I smoked cigarettes and switched to vape, but I did zero nicotine and mostly just used it for the habit of smoking and not the chemical dependency. It really made quitting pretty easy. I used the vape a lot at first, then mostly just at the bus stop because that was the hardest place not to smoke for me. I don’t really use it anymore at all.

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Quitting vaping is exactly as hard as quitting smoking, at least for myself. Till this day I could not quit one of these. At the end of next week I’m getting liquid that I ordered. I still have a vape left. Even if I’m scared because of an explosion of the vape device that I’ve seen on the internet.

Here where I live it’s easier to get tobacco than liquid. And that’s the only real reason I didn’t turn into a vaper. I would clearly decide for vaping. When you mix your own liquid it’s cheaper than smoking. two weeks of vaping with 9mg nicotine cost me 30 €, when I don’t need new coils. Where as smoking costs me 30 € per week. And that’s only so cheap because I make my own cigs, either roll or use a stuffing device.

The best thing about vaping is that you can easily vape for two hours non stop, just refilling the liquid, being connected with a usb cable to the laptop with a vape that got usb passthrough. And after you got through the first two weeks you barely cough as a vaper.

As an ex smoker/non smoker, I now cannot stand the disgusting smell from real cigarettes. I can smell a smoker smoking from 30 metres.

I would much prefer to smell a vaper any day of the week!

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I’m a non smoker living with my husband a smoker. He has been smoking most of his life. I’m used to his smoke now after seven years of marriage. He tried vaping for a few months but preferred the real thing. The vaping smoke smelled much nicer though! But they both harmful to health I hear.

For me, I smoked cigs 12 years - I quit doing that and I don’t vape either because I’m scared of going back to the habit of cigs …

I stopped smoking 10 years ago, recently started vaping zero nicotine and its a lot better, my vape is water based basically sugar/water and i dont see it as smoking, its steam for the most part, fog lol

I think they are both harmful.

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People are dying from vaping, right?

I also think they are both harmful. Dunno which is worse dunno if there’s substantial statistics yet on death rate and disease rate due to vapingmi think its hard to distinguish thou cos many vapers were smokers too at one point

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I’m allergic to vapes, kinda partial to the smoking myself…

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People are dying from exessively vaping illegal/un-approved liquids such as cbd liquids, containting harmful chemicals.

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