Non dopamine antagonist antipsychotic?

Does anyone know a recent atypical antipsychotic which is not dopamine antagonist (which doesn’t block dopamine)?

I believe the dopamine antagonist effect is the cause of all my bad side effects, for example no significant emotions, absence of joy, pleasure or desire, very low libido.

Sadly, I saw on Wikipedia that the side effects can remain indefinitely after the cessation of the dopamine antagonist, especially when it has been used in long term.

Abilify, rexulti and vraylar I think are the only ones.

Even SSRIs have side effects that remain indefinitely. Try Vraylar.

I wish my antipsychotic didn’t effect serotonin or dopamine, as my psychosis is caused by the gaba receptors, I do have bipolar type 2 so the amount of serotonin and dopamine must change, but most of the time my mood is at the depressive end, and antipsychotics make it worse, or it could be my negative symptoms are getting worse.

Nuplazid is a non-dopaminergic anti-psychotic.

Vraylar and Rexulti are partial agonists of dopamine and it seems that partial agonists may also regulate dopamine in certain situations (decrease dopamine when too high). I’m not 100% sure about that but I will ask to my psychiatrist.

Nuplazid doesn’t seem to have any effect on dopamine but it has weight gain as side effects as the other antipsychotics you suggest. Do you know anything about weight gain with these antipsychotics? Saphris almost doesn’t cause any weight gain. I feel like having a weight gain is not better than my actual side effects.

All older and newer antipsychotics do come with the risk of weight gain and changes in blood lipids like cholesterol. Some medications like Abilify may cause less weight gain than others. Some lines of research have indicated that a large part of the weight gain on antipsychotics comes from drinking high-calorie beverages to combat dry mouth, so be careful with sweetened sodas, teas, lemonade, and juices.

You may also talk to your psychiatrist to see if adding certain medications (phentermine may help) to address the weight gain might be an option for you.

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