Non benzo sleeping pills


I suggested eszopiclone to my pdoc, he said this drug is apparently not easily available at pharmacy in my country.


Had to stop hydroxyzine due to increased appetite and carb cravings.

Anybody else have any suggestion for disturbed sleep. I dont wanna take benzos and antidepressants for sleep.


I take 5-htp and Valerian Root tablets to help me sleep.


TRazadone is pretty safe and worked OK for me. I found that when my mind started to feel the effects my body resisted the sedation and I stayed awake another half hour.


If you wake up multiple times in the night, you might want to get checked for sleep apnea. That can make a person awaken frequently in the night. Ask your pdoc.


@clinic, You might want to try Melatonin 5-10 mg for sleep. Take it three hours before you go to bed. (That is important). You can get it over the counter.


I take Doxepin. It’s an old school antidepressant that is also a sedative. I take 100mg at night to help me sleep


I have been having the trouble where the med I use for sleep (seroquel) makes me EAT. Like it doesn’t matter how much I resolve myself to not eating anything that night and just going to sleep when the sleepiness hits beforehand, when it kicks in I’m basically a food zombie and am continuously eating for several hours. It’s so bad and I’ve put on 5 lbs recently.

It’s weird because when I was on seroquel before I didn’t really do this. I went off it for a while for reasons and when I went back on this happened.


Benadryl (diphenhydramine) can help you get to sleep.


diphenhydramine has strong anticholinergic properties that will mess up the whole cognition specially memory and learning and may cause confusion. Will cause similar side effects like benzos