Non benzo sleeping pills


Have u tried seroquel…!!! @clinic


Trazodone works for me


I take 50mg seroquel…!!! Its knocks me out…!!!


Anybody have tried hydroxyzine for sleep ?


I take Seroquel and I still get sleep disturbances where I wake up once or a few times at night sometimes. I took it early yesterday but could only sleep for about an hour last night. Then I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling for a long time listening to music on my iPod.


I was on Hydrocyzine for anxiety in 2016. I don’t think it helped me sleep. I don’t think I noticed any difference on it. I take Alteril and I think it helps.


Trazodone is pretty good.


I’m gonna try trazodone for sleep. I just hope it does not worsen psychosis like other antidepressants (ssri/snri/tricyclic)


It says it’s unrelated to those ad’s ssri etc


Cool, I’m very sensitive to antidepressants


I take 300 mg of trazadone…many on this site take a lot less…I just need to be knocked out…


Update - I took 50mg trazodone last night and I still woke up middle of the night. Should I increase the dose ? My pdoc said 50mg should work but it isn’t.

I can sleep but I’ve trouble staying asleep. I don’t wanna wake up middle of the night


50mg Trazodone did not help me sleep at all, I had to take 100mg.


Increase ur dose…!!! @clinic


If it does not work at 100mg, then I guess i will stop


Okay man…!!!


Update - I had to stop trazodone 50mg. I’m feeling severe daytime fatigue and sleepyness right now


What about Mirtazapine?


Update: Long time. I have stopped diazepam. Ativan(lorazepam) worsened my psychosis so had to stop that as well.

I’m taking following meds now:

clozapine 200mg
paroxetine cr 37.5mg
clobazam 5mg

Had to reduce my benzo clobazam from 10 to 5mg due to memory problems. I tried to increase it again to 10mg but got sleepiness throughout the day for 3 days in a row. I think tolerance has gone away. So i had to reduce it again to 5mg. Now im not sleeping at daytime.

Pdoc suggested hydroxyzine for sleep, but i read it has anticholinergic properties and will worsen cognition specially memory. Anybody know about that ? If hydroxyzine fails, I will probably increase my benzo(clobazam) again back to 15mg where i sleep without any disturbance but my memory is messed up on 15mg. Also i cant take antidepressants for sleep, they worsen my psychosis.


benzos are awful for sleep. outside of the fact that they cause dependence, they are horrible for your memory. they also produce really unnatural sleep architecture. you may sleep on them but it wont be restful sleep. i think the nonbenzo z drugs are slightly better. if vistaril works for you, go for it i would say. yes it has anticholinergic effects but it isnt habit forming. i personally never noticed any impairments in memory when i was on it, honestly, and it worked great at first. i read that tiagabine is a good option for off label so maybe you could mention it? there is also belsomra, an orexin antagonist. there really isnt that much info on it online bc its newer but maybe its worth a shot.