Non benzo sleeping pills


I can sleep but I wake up multiple times middle of the night. Does anybody have any med suggestions. Melatonin and zolpidem did not work.

I’m taking following meds
Clozapine 200mg
Paroxetine cr 37.5mg
Clobazam 10 mg
Diazepam 2.5mg for sleep


Not every human sleeps through the night. what is normal for one is not normal for another.

The idea is to get at least 8 hours in 24 hours, not to necessarly do it all in one go.

I wake up through the night and sometimes get up for a cup of tea. I sleep, but in batches. If you are really concerned then get one of those sport watches to monitor how much actual sleep you get.

I don’t take any sleeping pills at all and I didn’t used to sleep like I do now, however, I am getting enough and do not worry about waking up. Letting go of the desperate need to sleep paradoxically allows me to sleep easier as I don’t worry aboout it.


I wake up multiple times just to eat sugary stuff. Sleeping pills help me maintain my weight.


I know most people on this site reach for a pill to any ailment they can. Doctors always think that is the answer too, however, each one of those pills has an affect on your system, so whether it is addiction issues, insomnia, weight gain etc. each and every pill has a side effect.

Getting up to eat sugary foods is matter of changing what you snack on, like fruit or sugar free cereal might be an option, however, I understand the craving as I once was on haloperidol for a few weeks until it caused TD ticks and the appetite it gave me was horrendous. Other aps for me don’t give me the appetite and cravings like haloperidol gives, so I am lucky in that respect.

Getting up in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, changing what you eat is. Taking a pill to sleep also has its side effects like:

So you have to weigh it up.


I’m already aware of the side effects. It’s just trade offs which u have to make. I have read stuff on Stephen Stahl books.


Robin why dont u start taking seroquel… its better then sleeping pills…!!!


I have trouble with waking up during the night and I am already taking 100mg Quetiapine.
I tried taking 25mg Promethazine last night and slept more soundly, but I feel a bit tired this morning.
In the UK doctors prescribe Mirtazapine for sleep, but that made me feel hungry, and I am fat enough already, so I don’t use that one.


I found zopiclone more effective than zolpidem, could give that a try


I take lorazepam when I can’t sleep and it works. But only if I can’t sleep, because my psychiatrist has told me that if I take it every night, then my body gets used to taking it and then it doesn’t work.


I take Lunesta.

It makes my wife want to stay up and paint the walls but I sleep well on it. I get up 2 or 3 times during the night but go right back to sleep after a small snack and maybe a cigarette


Try Passion Flower; it helps a lot with sleep,


I’ve read on the forum trazadone helps for others.


Why not Diphenhydramine. I used that alot when I was working fulltime so I could get some sleep after stressful days. Doctors didn’t seem to mind. I think it’s relatively safe. And you can buy it over the counter.


Clozaril affects your metabolism more strongly than most meds. It can be horrendous and there is very little you can do to aid the cravings. It’s possible to limit your sugar intake to a degree but I was never able to get a handle on them. I also had been an athlete with a sound understanding of nutrition before I took it. It was a vicious fight.


I would wake up to go to the bathroom. I slept 15 hours a day and was never not tired.


Benzo’s aren’t great for sleep. They help you get to sleep but they don’t really help you stay asleep for long. Add to that addiction and dependancy where you need higher doses to get the same result.

I’d be asking your shrink what your options are. If they are any good they’d have an idea!


I take 100 mg trazadone to help me sleep. But what I really think puts me to sleep fast is the 3.75mg of mirtazapine that I take. I was initially given it at 30 mg but it made me too hungry. I ended up down at 3.75mg and it still puts me to sleep but doesnt affect my hunger.


Anybody have tried pregabalin or gabapentin for sleep ?


Try melatonin…!!!


I have already mentioned above that melatonin did not work