Non adherence

Which do you think is the most difficult to overcome ?

  • Non adherence due to forgetfulness
  • Non adherence due to not accepting you’re ill

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For me its forgetting to take my meds.

I don’t have a real problem with either of them. I realize I am mentally “different” (maybe “ill”) and that I need those meds. Also, I seldom (if ever) forget to take my meds.

So which one is harder to you, Tim?

Definitely remembering to take meds. It’s the reason I went on the depot. I was taking meds 50% or less of the time.
Having the same problem now remembering to use special toothpaste to combat cavities.

Schedule a reminder on your mobile phone or your PC.

But given that you rarely use your the phone, and you spend quite a bit of time in front of your PC, the latter is probably the better option :slight_smile:

What Windows version does your PC run?

  1. 1500000000 char
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Here is a tutorial on how to create reminders . Adapted for windows 7.

There are many other step by step tutorials on the internet, if you encounter difficulties with this one.

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I’d think not accepting that you’re not normal would be harder to overcome cause I struggled a lot with that. In fact I still struggle with it a lot. Coming to the realization almost killed me at first but over time I’ve been making more peace with it.

Hey Tiger ! :tiger:

Did you set reminders for brushing teeth and taking your medicine?

Just whistle if you need help :slight_smile:

Not set reminders. It’s a tricky one you’re not supposed to eat or drink for 30 minutes after using it, not sure about before using .

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Hey, you’ve gotten better at cracking jokes, I’ll give you that :wink:

No joke, that’s actually true.

I think forgetfulness is harder to overcome. Accepting you’re ill sucks and is really hard at first, but it only happens once then you know, if suspiciously, that you probably need meds. But forgetfulness is an every day forever kind of problem.

Wait, maybe I misunderstood. I thought you were talking about reminders (?). As in, you are not supposed to eat nor drink 30 mins before/after setting a reminder :smile:

My bad. You were probably talking about 30 mins before/after taking medicine…

Suppose you must take your medicine at 2pm. Set a reminder at 1:30pm. You don’t eat for the next 30 mins, then you take your medicine. Do you find it’s still difficult?

I haven’t forgotten to take my tablets once. Take them every night. :grin: