Noisey Article On Britney Spears' Success, Post-Episode

I’m putting this in lounge, since I don’t know her official diagnosis. I remember not particularly caring about her music until she got 5150’d and then she became very special to me; I saw elements of my own illness in her actions, especially when I saw the video of her giggling in the ambulance while she was being risked away to the psych wards…it resonated, that fear mixed with hysterical laughter, the psychotic break, all of it was so vividly presented to the entire world, it hit really close to home. I feel a lot of empathy for her since her ordeal was so public and her life had been so controlled until she had her episode.

I started listening to her post-illness music like Circus, and from then on, I oddly love some of her music despite the fact that I prefer rock, metal, industrial, etc…Now, she’s been burnt by hellfire and somehow come back through it to become a strong, independent, capable, and brilliant person who steals the spotlight with her upbeat presence, her sparkling eyes, her dazzling musical performances, and her command of her every movement and action. She seems very in control of her life now, and I love her for proving that someone can go through psychosis and still be financially lucrative afterwards.

Anyways, that’s my fan letter to Britney Spears lol, enjoy the article (it says how awesome she is for surviving, succeeding, and thriving despite bouts of severe mental illness.)

P.S. odd note, when I was psychotic I hallucinated Britney Spears and I were communicating telepathically, that she could see my every move, and that I was her fave fan.I could hear auditory hallucinations of her laughter at my weirdness and random thoughts and it was oddly comforting to me in those dark times. So, in that sense, Britney Spears helped me through my own psychosis! For that, I say thank you, Ms. Spears!


Really feel like I could look up to Spears since she is such a public figure. I’ve always liked her music. Haven’t been in a psych ward for a long time. Sometimes want to go but I don’t know if it will be good for me.

Are you doing okay? I always hated the psych ward, but they were good for keeping me from suicide attempts.

If you’re not on meds and you feel like you need crisis intervention, yes, maybe a crisis unit would help you.

Hopefully, you are okay!

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I was delusional about Beyonce. Lol! It wasn’t a friendly delusion though.

I liked the article. It is good to know of someone so strong and resilient.

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