Noises that trigger rage thoughts

I live with a person walks around always chewing something, mouth open and talking while shoveling in more. Ice cream cones,crackers,cookies. They will follow when I leave the room. It is enraging me. Do any of y’all have noise triggers?


I am more sensitive to sound for sure. Things like car horns and other loud noises really get to me and affect me for sure. I am old and mellow these days but certain sounds do get to me.

Yes, but not to the point of rage.

Ear buds and directly tell them to shut it or leave.

Yea i get sensitive too. Sometimes when i go outside i see traffic. Then the car driver seems to drive at certain ways. It gets me sensitive. So yea.

The technical term is misophonia. I get it with my dogs making smacking noises when I’m trying to sleep. I get annoyed by people chewing as well.

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Indian wedding and festival processions. Specifically ones with loudspeakers. Real annoying stuff. These ■■■■■■■■ blare bass so high that windows and doors start shaking at times.

Some people who chew betel nuts have tendency to make loud chewing noise. Sick ■■■■■■■■.

This kind of comes off as racist even if you don’t mean to be. Indian weddings are very joyful occasions.

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I am Indian from India. Recently an old person where I live got heart attack due to blaring loudspeakers. There is nothing wrong with instrumental band but everything wrong with loudspeakers blasting above decibel limits.

Thanks for the term. It’s me for sure.

Not for me i dont think, except maybe some songs.