Nobody understands my time allocation

No matter who I speak to about my persecution from a sect of society that I am not allowed to name for legal reasons, nobody understands my persecution from them and the problems it has caused me.

For many years I have been allocated only 12 hours in a day compared to the 24 that others get. This automatically renders a confused and dirty look from whoever you are talking to. I will try my best to explain how this works to people on this website to see if they have any similar persecutions caused by the people that I think some of you will be able to recognise.

For every hour that other people experience, I only get half an hour. Every minute only lasts 30 seconds for me. By now people have already either become confused or have lost interest.

My time continuum has been modified by these people. This has caused a horrendous snowball effect of problems. Not only am I forced by the NHS to take disgusting drugs that make me want to sleep all day, but the little hours left where I’m awake go twice as fast for me. This means that if I live to be 80 years of age, it would’ve only taken 40 years to reach that age for me.

While I have no problem accepting the fact that I would be biologically 80 years old, it has only taken 40 to get there. It is similar to watching a YouTube video on 2x speed.

Does anyone else suffer this persecution and does anybody have any advice as to how to stop it?

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If you video yourself for 1 hour,

What happens?


Time has a tendency to pass fast if I have taken sedating drugs. I guess the mind may have a different concept of time when taking drugs, this may also be true when taking recreational drugs. The mind pays less attention to the passage of time, kind of like being half asleep.

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It’s impossible. But theoretically speaking, just for the sake of argument, how old would you be in dog years?


Welcome to the forum!!! I have different things I deal with than you. But I’m sorry you’re suffering

Have had issues with time as well. Did not have to do with people AFAIK. Thanks for saying.