Nobody has any clue what schizophrenia actually is

Nobody has any clue what schizophrenia actually is. You know how long i’ve been here? Ten years. TEN YEARS! 10 YEARS!

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sz is genetic… :blue_book:
brought on alot of the time by trauma… :imp:
sometimes triggered by recreational drugs :pill: …( a kind of trauma to the brain at least ! )
early intervention, education, support…can dramaticaly improve the situation. :blush:
take care :alien:


I heard it was like 7 or 8 distinct disorders. I wonder what those disorders are.

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Going from OMG I CAN’T BREATHE! to being sure your CHEST IS GOING TO EXPLODE. And sometimes those are the good days.

I am actually having a good week aside from being so sick I feel like passing out.

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OMFG that’s DISGUSTING!!! NIGHTMARES!!! incoming…

it’s true nobody knows for sure what schizophrenia actually is, i don’t even know what it really is.i just know the symptoms i feel,see and hear.

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Schizophrenia is Latin for split mind - It’s a term used to describe a variant of symptoms and sub-conditions [IE paranoid, simple, schizoaffective] whereby the mind cannot identify or differentiate between fiction and non-fiction.

The word itself does justice to the main symptoms [at least for those who hallucinate or suffer from delusions] but in essence the condition itself [as well as most other mental illnesses] can be brought on by a varied number of factors and incur a varied number of side effects, so it’s hard to pin point what exactly something is when each case is unique and doesn’t entail the exact same criteria.

I don’t think much ground will be made in our time, unfortunately, in identifying prevention or a resolution / definitive explanation.

It’s actually Greek.

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