No weddings and a funeral!

So today we said goodbye to Mum’s mum the lovely Kathleen. It was a nice service with grave side and chapel with a catholic minister. I was nice and respectful but didn’t say any of the prayers. I did say an Amen. Even atheists need to buy in sometimes.

Lined up the little bro’s to be pallbearers which was good. It always freaks me out carrying bodies. They become so lite! Ended up at a local tavern for a drink and some finger food. Really good catching up with my cousins and my brothers and sister. Even had some Aunt’s and Uncles from my Fathers side.

Also paid respects to my Aunties, granddaughters first husband. His bomb sniffing dog and him lost their lives to an ied in Afghanistan a whiles ago. It really was a big deal but he has a very respectful marker with him and Herbie his dog. I even gave him a slight salute. Such a sad thing!

So. Good to catch up with people. Such a sad day for the family!


Glad you got to meet family and catch up.

Good wishes to you in your loss of grandmother but also the good of it that you met family again.


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