No talking

Whenever I start to get stressed and stress increasing. My desire to talk just stops. I stop talking altogether and just nod when people ask questions.

When I start to do poorly, I speak less. My mom always tells me. Stress will do it. Are you stressed now? Are you okay?

I started school recently and it’s been stressing me out a lot

I understand. School is stressful for me too. Are you in college? Last year in high school, I spoke to all of my teachers about what was going on. Can you do that?

Sometimes I will barely speak to my pdoc. When I’m stressed I have difficulty articulating what’s going on.

I’m in my last year of highschool. I dont feel comfortable enough to tell my teachers what’s going on. I just have to power through this year.

Last year was my last year of high school. Is there anyone at all you can talk to? I think it will help a lot. Have you spoken to your parents?

I’m gonna start seeing a therapist next week, maybe that will help me. My mom doesnt really help much.

It’s good that you’re gonna see a therapist, that will hopefully help you out. You should tell your mom that you need her. Support is very important.

Thank you so much.

Also if you’re experiencing psychotic symptoms, a psychiatrist will be a good idea. I know meds are scary. I’m scared of mine too and honestly sometimes I don’t want to take them, but my mom makes me and I think they’re helping things. I’m still full of doubt, but for now I’m okay on the meds.

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