No syptoms 8 years

what should I do…?


You should taper off, I guess.
That’s what I would do.
With my pdoc’s supervision

…I feel I don’t want to risk it coming of meds. 2019

You can keep on taking your meds, just to be safe. Ok.

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thanks for d advise

I need these meds for life IMO

Ask your pdoc. What does he say? 8 years is long

Yeah if psychologically you’re ok with the idea of taking meds, and your insurance covers them, then keep taking.

I’m glad you are doing well Pedro.

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in the last 8 year I see different pdocs whch time which I question it

anyone who beat sz I admire them…!

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I haven’t here all the time

but I wonder if this is actually true @san_pedro


yes I am the true Pedro

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