No sleep insomina

its 4am here woke at 3am fully alert could not fall back asleep, i have insomina on and off 14 years … i have sleeping pills there very strong but sometimes i rather not take them

That’s no good man. Some things you just have to manage. I get what your saying about taking pills.

@BryanAshley, i feel safe, im not afraid

That happens to me sometimes. It can also happen to me if I’m fighting a virus (no idea why). Try not to stimulate yourself too ie "No TV, computers etc, Just listen to music while lying in bed. Try to keep busy during the day and get as much sunlight as you can. Also try to go to bed at the same as normal. No naps if you can help it… Otherwise your sleep schedule gets even more out of whack.

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I also have insomnia. I listen to music. I have noticed Oxazepam makes me calm enough to fall asleep in the evening. Then I don’t need the heavy stuff to sleep.

I hear voices in the evening and feel chased. Oxazepam makes that go away. Maybe it’s because of anxiety.

I have slept an average of four hours for the past three nights. I woke up at 12:00 am tonight. I’ve gone a week before without being able to sleep at all. With me, it all depends on how much adrenalin I have in my system.