No Sleep Club

Another night of insomnia… Here it is almost one in the morning, night before I start my job, and my brain is noping out on sleep.

Ugh, brain, work with me here.

Anyone else up? Doing anything fun to pass the time?

I’m up! Doing nothing for fun. Took a nap this afternoon and now I’m regretting it.

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Yep, same here lol. As soon as I laid down for the nap I thought, yeah, I’ll be regretting this.

So here I am at two a.m. Regretting this.

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screwed up my cycle recently. Gonna aim to sleep at 7pmET tonight

Pulling an all nighter?

Yes, I have no choice, got online games to keep me busy

How did your working day go?

Did you manage to get some sleep before work?

Maybe you can talk to your Dr about sleeping tablets to take if needed.
You may only need them sometimes.

Good deal. I haven’t had any of my games since I moved. So I’m stuck with all my lovely phone has to offer for now. What type of games do you play?

Hello night owl americans! You’re much welcome by the early bird europeans! Stay as long as your insomnia lets you!


I will be playing CS:GO and WC3 TF this early early morning

I start my first day tomorrow so it hasn’t gone yet… And I do have sleeping pills, I take ambien pretty religiously, but I’m out of those until I see my pdoc again.

Right now we’ve got a pretty wicked storm overhead. Now I’m going to be too excited to even try to sleep lol.

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Ah I wonder if you have the one that just passed us or the one on its way. We had two tornadoes within 20 miles of here today!

Possibly! I’m in central Iowa. We get pretty decent storms from time to time.

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I’m in the eastern part, right in the nostril of the state! So you have the one on its way, the one that just passed is over Chicago right now.

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It’s a small world for sure. The one coming that way have been pretty cool so far here. Lots of lightning and thunder that’s shaking the house.

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Latest science (psychology) on getting a better night sleep is called “sleep hygiene.” Google it and really research it.


I had been doing great with that for the past couple of weeks, then have blown it the last few days. Bright screens before bed, hanging out on my bed when I have no intention of sleeping, studying and doing homework until the middle of the night. Gotta get it turned around.

Oh sht whaddup

woke up at 330AM…can’t workout…don’t want to study…had two coffees since 3AM (its almost 8am) and still just like no ■■■■ studying no ■■■ no

I have two insomnia-related tattoos.

I will just do the usual and wait until the late afternoon for the morning med to wear off and then feel energy to get the crap done…just need to study an outline and get it down…I have all day to wait until I feel like doing it.

Cannot workout on 4 hours of sleep without crashing hard right after the workout. Not worth it --> do it tomorrow.

■■■■ happens and dealing with it well is the answer. Getting what is needed done is the idea.

I woke up at 315 PM yesterday, so I’ve only been awake for 15 hours…I used to work longer in a day than that before SZ. Sigh…
Oh well, at least I got the dishes and 2 loads of laundry done, not to mention swept and mopped the floors, and even cleaned a giant doughnut shaped (with the hole) cat pillow.