No Sleep (and I'm not even headed for Brooklyn)

Sorry…Beasty Boys reference there…not sure why but hey.

I got zero sleep last night. I’m fine, I mean this rarely ever happens anymore. I think the last time I got zero sleep was over a year ago. I may have just continued with the coffee past when I should have cut it out. But the thing is I had a doctors appointment early this afternoon. Just when I was wondering whether or not I should really go to a docs appointment on no sleep my sister pulls down the driveway and drops my niece off for the day without saying or having said a word to me.

Well there goes making that docs appointment anyway. Guess I’ll have to call and reschedule and probably settle for some sort of fee for not giving 24 hours notice. Oh well that’s fine. Except that my uncle died yesterday and I will probably be going to a funeral at some undetermined time in the near future. Anyway, so now it looks like I have to stay awake until my sister gets back from work. And guess what? There is no coffee in the house and my niece generally refuses to do boring things like running errands to the store with her uncle and puts up the argument that that’s all she ever does with her mom and that uncles are supposed to let their niece do fun stuff instead.

So I’ll be listening to that again on the way to the store for more coffee it looks like.

Don’t worry about me though I’m fine, just one missed night of sleep and a rescheduled doctors appointment.

Everyone else is well rested I trust?

I’m sorry that you just lost your Uncle. I’m sorry your being used as a drop off center for the niece. It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment.

It’s good for your niece… at least she has someone around on her side. I’d say… tell her that in life… there is work and play… first work… like errands… then after the work is done… then play.

Too bad you couldn’t take you niece with you on the appointment… pack some coloring books and let her hang in the corner as you talk to the doc. I’m guessing your niece is still very young.

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I did much the same over the weekend. My sleeping patterns so out of wack atm.Hopefully my meds will knock me out when I take them shortly and help put me back on track. Anyway a lullaby for you so you can get some sleep when you need it

She isn’t all that young anymore really. She also knows that the mental health center is “where you go to talk about your feelings” :smile: and she does not know anything about me having a mental illness yet not that she’d judge me negatively if she knew I was going to “talk about my feelings”.

But yes my sister can be an unbelievably inconsiderate person. My dad is convinced it’s a personality disorder…I am not convinced of this. But she is who she is and I know she does care.

I hope I didn’t come off as seeking sympathy for the days troubles though…I may be overthinking this due to overtiredness but just thought I’d say I was just checking in about the day.

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No worries at all… It’s frustrating being a drop off sitter service when you have important stuff to do like a doc appointment. I adore my niece and my nephew. I really enjoy their time with me… but even I get a little tired when my sis-in-law does a fly by drop off.

I’m very glad to help, and that marriage is NOT doing well. I’m glad and relieved the kids are here and not at home watching their parents tear each other apart. But sometimes I do get just a wee bit tired.

I think your handling this all very well.

What about Hammersmith?

Huh…wasn’t even aware of the album. Knew the band of course but not this album.

Sleep is for p#$%ies!

You gotta take it by the horns man!

Made the docs appointment with a minute to spare. My niece had a riding lesson and this freed me up for my appointment. For such a frazzled and exhausted day I’m rather content with how things have gone so far.


So sorry to hear about your Uncle OO

Thanks bridgecomet.

I have dealt with death in the past, both of those I was close with and those I wasn’t. But I’m sure the reality of it all will hit me at the funeral later this week. Nothing I can’t handle in fact I honestly thrive on emotion so it may even inspire me a little.

I know he’d want us all to laugh and have a good time remembering his life.