No pleasure with video games anymore

I tried some games on my Android and I realized I have no pleasure with them anymore. Maybe some nostagical games like Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty bring some fun, but most of the time I feel empty with other games. I remember when I played Batman: Arkham Knight and enjoyed it, but it was still a weak pleasure (I’m a big fan of Batman and super heroes).

I don’t think it’s due to depression or schizophrenia, but simply because I had a huge internal change. Video games don’t fulfill me anymore. I’d rather read books, and I don’t mean just fiction books, but also books about anything.

If it was depression or schizophrenia, I wasn’t supposed to enjoy being with my friends or doing physical exercises.

I was reading a little about video game addiction and there are many people realizing that games don’t fulfill them anymore. I think it’s kind like a signal that we’re getting more mature and looking for new things in life.

I still enjoy other things like cinema and movies (specially super heroes movies).

Maybe I can play video games sometimes, but it’s not my most enjoyable activity anymore.

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I might try and play the games, but I would probably lose focus in the pursuit of it all because of the disease. I can’t focus at all. I don’t like violence very much either, and some of these games have frightening images and they and involve violence ad conflict. I’m trying to find my triggers right now so I don’t get afraid of everything all the time. Aside from short attention span, cognitive issues mean I would really just fail epicly at that kind of thing. Yeah, I’m not able to do much other than talk and type. Right now my body feels like an exposed nerve emotionally.

I can’t do the all night 8 hour sessions with Call of Duty anymore.

I think it’s a myth that people who “get mature” lose the desire to play video games universally. Plenty of mature guys play them, even in a relationship, until their first kid comes along.

I can’t do marathons because of concentration efforts but I still find enjoyment in them. The time I spent gaming could easily be spent watching TV instead.

Games just started putting microtransactions in every.single.title. so I can’t play most of them without making bad bipolar spending decisions once and awhile. I just want to play games that are complete when you get them.

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For some people, overcoming their addiction to video games is a signal of maturity.

I’ve never played video games…I mean, maybe the odd phone app…I think its a cool new fad for adults to play video games…I have cognitive symptoms which mean that is impossible. Get past that and I would be recueving secret messages in the game. I don’t want my paranoia to take on an entirely new dimension for me.

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Even with cognitive issues you can do stuff. I don’t know about video games, but you still can create many things.

Ummm…I’m thinking “no”!

I cannot even remember what happened 5 min ago soldier! I am blacking out all the freaking time!

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Okay, I hope the best for you.

Oy vey! 151515151515

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