No Phil they give the home team meant a chance to win in baseball

But whoever scorces firrst in football wins. Tell me I’m wrong.

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Yep home team has a strategic advantage while In football all they have is the home crowd and the home uniforms and who gets to choose the coin flip as a difference.

No honey in football overtime whoever scores first wins. Not the same in baseball. Do you get what I’m saying?

The first team who scores in football overtime wins. Don’t get I my face Phil.

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Actually in overtime in the NFL if a team makes a field goal the other team gets a chance to have the ball again.

If the first team in overtime who possesses the ball scores a touchdown the game is over.


Yeah i may be wrong but my stwp dad says it’s changed and maybe not the same i college.

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Yea it took a long time for the players to understand the rule.

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The college rules is even weirder

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Whoever scores the most points from touchdowns and kicking goals wins. Hope you’re alright

no I was talking about a tie game

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