No one to depend on

I try to be independent but I grow comfortable and lean a bit on neighbors (who I’ve known for years) and my roommate. I mean I go to work and go places I need to by myself but I kind of depend on friendly people around me. But I’ve been analyzing it too much and realize I can’t depend on anybody. I’ll be going along feeling comfortable and secure and then people around me cut me off. I build myself back up and do things on my own but it’s hard to be an island, i. e. not depending on anybody. Anyone else dealing with this? It’s hard to start all over every week.


True I feel that too.


What about groups to meet people? It’s never too late to find friends and there’s ways even today where you can meet like minded people. Life can be tough in the modern world because it is very easy to isolate and hard to get out of that routine. Still. Your still mobile enough to get around so maybe have a look at something that interests you.


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