No one cares

I feel like no one cares unless we become another statistic.
No one cares unless we die.
And that’s sad.


Cheer up! Life can be beautiful sometimes. And sometimes it sucks.

Life isn’t beautiful. It ■■■■■■■ sucks.

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Do you have a pet?

I do, I have two beautiful pets. But that’s not about life.


I feel you @laetitia . People don’t care about ordinary suffering. Most people turn a blind eye to it.

I feel very under supported by my government and I think the majority of the population never really think about how hard people with serious mental health issues have it.

People just don’t care unless it leads to some devastating consequence, like suicide. They just don’t care. It makes me sad how people are so hurtful.


Also, when someone has suicidal thoughts, people think they are being belittled.

But when someone dies by suicide from schizophrenia, people think it’s a tradegy.

Should I just become one of those statistic numbers to make people feel better? Huh?

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The part that’s really sad, is that the statistics will just get worse before anyone will admit there’s a problem.

And even worse is that they may choose not to admit there’s a problem and we should change something even if the statistics got worse…

You are somewhat right.
But that’s not a problem for me.
I solved my problems and am doing very well.
It is possible to be a very successful person and live a meaningful life even if most people don’t care
about you.

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