No need for repairs

They make it sound so nice their world.

The other day they were comparing machines or devices in their world to the principles of the devices in our world. If you make something there thats it, it’s made, it never breaks or malfunctions, no need for repairs any of the time.

They also said if they make something the only way it malfunctions is if they intentionally make it malfunction.

If you built an abode of some sort it would stand until you took it down and there is no aging or degrading of any kind, no need for repairs.

And then there are the bodies. It works the same way for their bodies. No aging, no need for repairs or upkeep, it’s just made and then thats it. No maintenance nessecary really, of any kind.

Total and complete freedom in their world. Sounds very very nice there when compared to ours.

Their world makes everything about ours look like a big pile of ■■■■!

if you free yourself on the inside…
it does not matter that the outside decays and withers away.
freedom is not a body of substance…
it is an idea…
take care :alien:

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**and a feeling… :airplane: **

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